About Us, Our Vision


Just a group of blokes looking to make a Business with a difference. Our focus is on manufacturing Quality Products made from organic waste materials that desperately ought to be Recycled into everyday products such single-use Packaging

And Guess What? Our products are comparable if not better than the non-renewable resources they replace. Our products have significantly less impact on our environment and are a 100% renewable bi-product of food production waste.

More so, we are putting 100% of the Profits back to developing communities to grow communities afflicted by poverty. By investing into livelihoods programs that can bring them out of poverty in a self-sustainable way.

Savy ey? We thought so too.

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Now this is where we go full circle. Our Profits are distributed to our partners overseas where farms, education and much needed supplies are given to develop the Farms for the community. Making more producers of the land. 



Now this is Important; many of them given the ultimatum with two choices.

1. They are told to work on a land bought out from under them for close to nothing. They slave away for not to see the fruits of their labour yet still get close-to-nothing pay to feed their families another day.


2. Keep their land lived in continued poverty and not given the knowledge or the resources to get out of that cycle.


By making them the producers of their own land. They own their lands with the ability to produce, live off the fruits of their labour and eventually sell with the excess they are able to grow. 


So lets simplify our thought process on this.


Short Term Solutions : AID(Money) + Disadvantaged regions = Short term relief


That's great but we also need a solution that lasts the test of time.


Our Vision : AID (Farming Resources) + Education + Disadvantaged Regions = Growth (Food), Business and a way out of the poverty spiral.


Now isn't that something we can all get behind?

So Join us today and follow us together on this journey.